Tim Lu takes Senti and its gene circuit tech public in $296M deal riding on Omid Farokhzad’s SPAC

Omid Farokhzad

Omid Farokhzad didn’t have to travel far to find a private biotech he wanted to take public with his $200 million blank-check company.

Senti Bio — the synthetic biology play launched and now helmed by MIT whiz Tim Lu — will be merging with Farokhzad’s Dynamics Special Purpose Corp., the companies announced Tuesday morning, in a deal set to deliver $296 million in gross proceeds.

Using a gene circuit technology platform out of Lu’s lab, Senti promises to program “sense-compute-respond” capabilities into cell and gene therapies.

The engineering method promises to enhance efficacy, specificity and durability — all key qualities any cell and gene therapy developer is looking for.

BlueRock Therapeutics, the Bayer subsidiary, was one of them. Earlier this year (in fact the day after Farokhzad completed the IPO for his SPAC) BlueRock signed on to deploy the technology in developing new…
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