Centessa gives Antoine Yver a new role, brings his old colleague on board; Prelude to a change: Jane Huang sets up her next move

Antoine Yver

? Centessa looked to Daiichi Sankyo to fill the CMO post with Antoine Yver back in May 2021, and now that Yver has garnered a new title, why mess with a good thing?

Yver has been installed as chairman of development, and Centessa is going back to the Enhertu well again by appointing Javad Shahidi as CMO. While Yver was head of oncology R&D at Daiichi Sankyo, Shahidi was the global team leader for Enhertu at the AstraZeneca partner. “I look forward to working with Javad again as we continue to grow Centessa with this incredible portfolio of assets and come closer to bringing impactful new medicines to patients,” Yver said in a statement.

Shahidi also led clinical development of Alimta and Portrazza during a three-year run at Eli Lilly.

Jane Huang

? Endpoints…
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