With Aduhelm in tatters, the search is on for Michel Vounatsos’ replacement at Biogen; David Liu, Roger Perlmutter join insitro’s SAB

Michel Vounatsos

? Because of the dearth of Alzheimer’s treatments, Biogen pushed aggressively to cross the regulatory goal line with aducanumab despite early trial wrap-ups and pervasive efficacy questions. The highly controversial approval of Aduhelm, and the calamitous rollout that followed, proved to be the undoing of CEO Michel Vounatsos, who was hired from within to replace George Scangos on Jan. 6, 2017. Discussions in the industry should be lively over who gets the job next at Biogen as Vounatsos will retain his position until the company finds a successor, which will be no later than Feb. 28, 2023.

Biogen found a friendly ally in Billy Dunn’s neuro group at the FDA, and the agency approved the Alzheimer’s drug in June 2021 despite a unanimous adcomm vote against the compound. Three members of the committee resigned once their deep reservations about…
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