Always chasing the newest science, Schond Greenway joins MindMed; Mirati fills key vacancy with ex-Arena finance chief

Schond Greenway

From cell therapy to precision medicine, Schond Greenway has hopped from one burgeoning research area to the next throughout his career. Now he’s heading off to another: psychedelic therapy.

MindMed tapped Greenway as CFO on Monday, as CEO Robert Barrow guides the company through what he called “an exciting point in our growth.” The New York-based psychedelics company was the second to ever go public on an American exchange, behind Compass Pathways. And this year, Barrow’s lining up “numerous near-term milestones ahead across our pipeline.”

“My focus has always been, across all the different companies that I’ve actually tried to be a part of, it’s really focusing on those companies that are looking to have a new paradigm to treating their particular subsector,” Greenway said.

So when a recruiter approached him about the opening at MindMed, he was intrigued….
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