How sub can you subset? Erasca shores up case for testing its two lead candidates in combo

It’s challenging enough to get one cancer drug approved.

But it looks like Erasca is gunning for its two lead candidates in combination — though both are still in very early stages.

In its Q2 report, the San Diego-based biotech said it would read out initial results on its two lead candidates later in the year. And Erasca did just that Wednesday, but rather than presenting the results of the two Phase I monotherapy trials separately, Erasca touted a pooled analysis of its two ongoing trials — one for ERAS-007, the ERK1/2 inhibitor Erasca licensed from Asana BioSciences, and one for ERAS-601, an SHP2 inhibitor — plus a past Asana trial of ERAS-007.

Rather than specific tissues, Erasca’s whole play surrounds the RAS/MAPK pathway, a major pathway when it comes to cancer (mutations to KRAS, one part of the pathway, may be…
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