A new Vega enters the galaxy with bleeding disorder antibody set for 2023 trial

Biotech incubator Star Therapeutics has launched another galaxy-themed drug developer, which next year will test a new antibody in a bleeding disorder currently treated by Takeda’s Vonvendi.

Star lined up a who’s who of biotech venture capital firms to line Vega Therapeutics’ coffers with $40 million. The funds will bankroll a Phase I study early next year as the biotech recently got the go-ahead from Austrian authorities, CEO Adam Rosenthal told Endpoints News in a preview of the unveiling. The biotech will test whether a monoclonal antibody can treat one of the most common forms of inherited bleeding disorders: von Willebrand disease, or VWD.

Takeda received the FDA green light earlier this year for its von Willebrand factor replacement therapy, known as Vonvendi in the US and Japan and Veyvondi in the European Union, as a prophylaxis to make bleeding episodes less frequent. By Takeda’s tally, the bleeding disorder is…
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