#ASH22 Recap: Leading hematology experts talk top readouts; Fireside chat with Novo Nordisk’s Ludovic Helfgott; More

The American Society of Hematology wraps up every year with one of the biggest conferences in the biopharma industry. It’s a place where lots of new innovations in hematology — from leukemia to multiple myeloma to hemophilia and more — are presented, discussed, questioned or even celebrated.

It’s also a place where networking is in its prime.

After two years of either virtual appearances or reduced attendance, it’s difficult to understate the atmosphere when people get together for the conference experience in-person — a feeling expressed by ASH panelist Noah Berkowitz from Bristol Myers Squibb when he said this year’s conference feels “like the ASH we all remember.”

As people told Endpoints News’ Kyle LaHucik in Chicago for the first in-person ASCO conference since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the chance to be in-person again had its place right on center stage.

But despite the atmosphere, the science remains king, with the…
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