Replicate Bioscience begins clinical studies of next-gen mRNA vaccine for rabies

Replicate Bioscience, a biotech startup designing next-generation mRNA vaccines to trigger stronger and longer-lasting immune responses, has begun its first clinical study, the San Diego company announced Tuesday.

The trial, which comes two years after the company launched with $40 million, is likely the first among clinical efforts put forth by a crop of new mRNA startups that emerged during the pandemic. These companies were founded on the belief that new and improved forms of RNA technologies will be needed to make the technology work for conditions beyond Covid-19.

Replicate is developing vaccines based on what it calls self-replicating RNA technology. These shots give cells not only the mRNA blueprints for making a protein but also molecular photocopy machines that rapidly multiply those blueprints. The company hopes the approach, which may more closely mimic a viral infection, will lead to bigger and more…
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