Medtronic study shows navigated bronchoscopy can avoid needle biopsy complications in diagnoses of lung cancer

A head-to-head study from Medtronic showed that its minimally invasive approach to reaching tissues in the lung suspected of harboring cancer could be just as effective as the current standard of care biopsy—which requires guiding a needle through the skin and into the chest during a CT scan.

The randomized trial evaluated the company’s Illumisite 3D X-ray navigation platform used in combination with electromagnetically guided bronchoscopy, or ENB, with samples being retrieved via an endoscope threaded down the patient’s throat and into the lungs’ air pockets.

Preliminary data from researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center deemed Medtronic’s method as non-inferior compared to CT-guided biopsy, with similar rates of lung disease diagnoses—while, at the same time, the minimally invasive route was able to avoid needle-related complications that affect as many as a quarter of real-world procedures.

“These findings suggest that ENB should be the preferred option over CT-guided biopsy for…
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