Biotech salary analysis: The best and worst paying biopharmas of 2023

The typical biopharma worker made $199,048 last year, according to an Endpoints News annual analysis of pay trends.

Endpoints reviewed regulatory filings from hundreds of drugmakers and life sciences companies, analyzing 177 that disclosed median employee pay for 2023. The data provide a partial glimpse into the industry’s pay practices, with over 85% of reporting companies paying more than $100,000 in median compensation. (You can also read our annual report on CEO pay published this week.)

The data only include publicly traded companies, which are required to disclose the information. Most companies say their pay figures shouldn’t be compared with peers, since they can use different methodologies. For example, some companies included the value of healthcare coverage or 401(k) matching in total compensation, while others don’t. Many pay totals also include the value of new equity awards, which could be lucrative — or worthless — depending on…
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