The best-paying biotechs in the Bay Area, Boston and San Diego for 2023

As part of our analysis of CEO and employee pay in biopharma, Endpoints News analyzed median employee pay in 2023 at 177 life sciences companies. Sixty of the top 100 highest-paying companies were headquartered in the Bay Area, Boston and San Diego, which are hot spots for the industry — and competitive job markets.

Companies use different methodologies for determining their median employee pay, which makes it difficult to make head-to-head comparisons. Still, the data provide a glimpse into which biopharmas paid the most — and least — over the past year to their rank-and-file workers.

For further breakdowns of pay at the largest drugmaker and biotech’s hubs, check out the following stories:

  • How 177 biotech and pharma companies paid their median employees in 2023
  • The biggest drugmakers ranked by how much they paid their typical worker in 2023
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