SDBN Podcast: Science and Investment Are Dancing – Who Leads?

In a competitive biotech world, being first to market has advantages. This means you can’t always wait for a product to be approved or at least show promise before investing in manufacturing capability.

What happens when the science leads in a different direction? This is the conversation I had with Mark Gergen, President and Chief Business Officer at Poseida Therapeutics, Inc.

Poseida is a platform company working on cell and gene therapies. We talked about the science, which is interesting and then also the investment strategy.

“The scientific advancements can outpace the pace of development of a specific product…  …In that case, you really need to think about changing the technology you’re using to develop those products.” – Mark Gergen

If you’ve invested millions of dollars in a manufacturing process it can be hard to change directions.

Mark shared how Poseida has prepared for their near term manufacturing needs as well as a longer term scenario when newer products will replace their 1st generation products.

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