Title and Speaker Bio for Eurofins Discovery Chat: Connecting with Protein Degradation

E3scan? Ligand Binding Assay Platform for Targeted Protein Degradation and PROTAC? Discovery

Ksenya Cohen Katsenelson, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Group Leader, San Diego R&D at Eurofins Discovery


E3 ligases have emerged as pivotal targets for drug discovery using the promising new paradigm of targeted protein degradation. This new paradigm includes both ligand binding-directed ?reprogramming? of E3 substrate specificity approaches and a more directed approach, using small molecule proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACs), to selectively degrade disease-driving proteins. As there are hundreds of diverse putative E3 ligases with differentiated tissue expression, this new paradigm may well define a next dimension of precision medicine defined by an axis of tissue-specific activity. While there have been some early successes, the E3 drug discovery field has a significant unmet need for a standardized biochemical ligand binding assay platform. A platform is required that: 1. Can measure ligand binding across the E3 family using a standardized method enabling ?apples to apples? comparisons; 2. Is highly scalable and rapid; 3. Has an exquisite dynamic range for the measurement of accurate KD values as low as single digit picomolar (pM). Eurofins Discovery herein presents its novel E3scan technology that addresses each of these unmet needs. E3scan, based upon well-established KINOMEscan? technology, has been successfully applied to diverse E3 ligases, including CRBN, VHL, MDM2, cIAP1, cIAP2, and XIAP, with many other E3 assays in progress. We shall present assay validation data for these targets, including data for ligands with KD values in the low to mid pM range. In conclusion, we present Eurofins Discovery?s novel E3scan platform that can enable accelerated screening and SAR analysis in the E3 drug discovery field, with rapid turnaround times for discovery library screens (20 business day TAT) and weekly SAR (5 business day TAT) and the largest assay panel available on a single technology platform. (PROTAC is a registered trademark of Arvinas)

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Ksenya Cohen Katsenelson is the group leader and scientific lead of San Diego R&D at Eurofins Discovery, responsible for developing new portfolio of assays, including the targeted protein degradation space. Ksenya has extensive experience in biochemical assays, cell-based assays, and high-throughput screening. Prior to joining Eurofins, Ksenya was a postdoc research fellow at UCSD, where her research focused on phosphatases in transcription regulation in cancer and inflammation. Ksenya holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the Technion ? Israel Institute of Technology, Israel. Ksenya has 10+ years specializing in signal transduction, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and she has published multiple papers in scientific journals.


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