The Transformation of the Biotech Business Model: Vote on SDBN’s August Event

San Diego County biotech in 2008 represented the third largest community for developing the next generation of biopharmaceuticals and cutting edge therapies. The impact of the financial crisis and funding shortfall is accelerating trends set by outsourcing and offshoring. Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many companies based in San Diego are making breakthroughs and driving changes with their leading technologies. SDBN and PGC200 are partnering to bring you key people from these companies so that you can hear directly how these changes will help our economy and how we can adapt to prosper.

Vote for the area that you would like to hear about most at our August 18th event, which will be a panel of experts from the area who will focus on the best ways we can grow. As always, this won’t be your grandfather’s panel, we will do our best to involve you in the discussion, turning the event into a brainstorming session which will give you ideas for improving your career and business. Also, there will be plenty of time for networking with the thought leaders on the panel and other biotechnology professionals.

(The poll is now closed, and you can view the results here.)