Welcome! The San Diego Biotechnology Network was founded in September of 2008, addressing the need for more high quality, face to face networking among Biotech professionals in the greater San Diego area. Membership is open to those working at a biotechnology, diagnostics, green technology, medical devices, or pharmaceutical company in the Greater San Diego area. We plan to host monthly events in which we will actively promote face to face networking, and also allowing members to connect and interact on LinkedIn (check out our Next Event to get started!). We plan to feature one new or exciting company at each happy hour, allowing members to learn more and network with them. Organizers of this group are Mary Canady of Comprendia and Todd Backus of Blue Horse and Trumpet, two local companies that are interested in fostering communication in the Biotech community.

Why SDBN? What makes us different?

There are a several great biotechnology networking associations in the greater San Diego area–see our listing on the right side of this page, and view our Calendar for a schedule of local events. Why do we need another one?

When SDBN organizers Mary and Todd brainstormed about ways to improve communication in the Biotech community, we came up with a method that will use both online networking and face to face interactions. We set up groups on LinkedIn and Meetup to allow everyone to interact and obtain information about group members online. In addition, we’ve come up with ways to encourage biotech professionals (mostly scientists, who are shy by nature) to talk to each other in a casual atmosphere at our events. The result? We hope you’ll connect with more of your peers and advance your career, and that the SD biotech community as a whole will benefit from increased interaction. (See feedback from our first event–we think it’s working!)

Based on feedback we’ve obtained from you, we plan to have a high percentage of people who directly work developing biotechnology products and technologies at the events. This includes people who currently work (or have recently worked) in life sciences, diagnostics, green technology, medical devices, or pharmaceutical companies (if we’ve missed any let us know!). Of course, we welcome all of you at the educational and research institutions in the area–we all know biotech thrives with direct contact between academia and industry. Keeping a high quantity of those working directly in biotech may mean limiting the number of service providers (e.g. consultants, recruiters) who attend. We think this will benefit everyone–as a service provider myself, representing Comprendia, I often find myself trading business cards with more of my peers than potential clients at many events, which isn’t optimal. The best way to ensure a spot? Sign up early!

The events will be private Happy Hours held at local establishments in the middle of the week. There will be a nominal charge to cover room rental and appetizers, and a there will be a cash bar. We will feature a new and/or exciting company at each event, allowing all present to interact with their team.

Interested in joining? Visit the LinkedIn or Meetup group to sign up!

Questions? Contact us!

***Please note that we are restricting membership to those working, recently working, or currently living in the San Diego area. We’ll allow account managers whose territory is in San Diego, or those who live in Southern California.***

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