Are you?looking for qualified scientific candidates for positions in San Diego, La Jolla, Carlsbad, El Cajon, or Temecula? With targeted and engaged following of 20,000 life scientists and professionals, SDBN Jobs is a trusted, one stop resource for hiring managers, human resources professionals, recruiters, and job seekers. We have built a following on our website, social media, and e-marketing platforms so that you can reach job seekers quickly and affordably. 5-10 jobs are posted daily from automatic feeds, and you can post a featured job for only $100 per month, receiving more than?5 times the exposure on the following channels:

SDBN Jobs Postings Exposure: Feed vs. Featured
Platform Details Jobs Feed?Exposure Featured Jobs Exposure
Website Home page, jobs pages, sidebar 1,000 7,500
Twitter @SDBN, @SDBNJobs 2,250 8,950
LinkedIn SDBN,?SDBN Jobs 725 800
E-marketing Monthly newsletter, SDBN Jobs Daily, SDBN News Daily 500 8,200
Total: 4,475


We’ve recently launched SDBN Jobs Partners, which will help you save money, time, and get you more visibility for your postings. Choose the Hiring or Recruiting partner levels, pay per month or year, and send us job listings individually or in bulk. Each partner level includes a dedicated page for all your job listings, which we will feature on the SDBN Jobs page, see an example here. If you’d like to have a an SDBN Jobs page, where your current jobs are listed, but the jobs are not featured, check out our Jobs Page Partner option for only $375. The page will be automatically generated and promoted, and it will serve as one of the central resources job seekers use to easily find open life science positions in San Diego.

SDBN Jobs Partner Levels
Partner Level Featured Jobs Min Featured Jobs Max Price Per Job Min Price Max Price Jobs Page
None 1 3 $100 $100 $300 N
Hiring 4 9 $90 $360 $810 Y
Recruiting 10 Unlimited $80 $800 $800 Y
Jobs Page NA NA NA $375 $375 Y

Getting Started

You can post your job by clicking on the “submit a job” button, or email with your job postings in a word document or send us link(s), and we’ll contact you for payment. Be sure to include your call to action as an email or link to apply to the job. Not sure how many jobs you’ll be posting per month? That’s OK, we can prorate your job posting fees, and we’ll keep your jobs page active with all featured jobs.?At the Recruiting Level, for only $800 per month, we’ll create a customized solution for you and take care of all the details, from collating your public job posts or receiving them from you, to sending you a summary of your monthly activity. Contact us today to get started!

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