Ed is responsible for the customer experience of Pathway Genomics. With over a decade of experience, Ed has launched innovative internet products that have been implemented at many of the leading health, not-for-profit and media companies in the country. Prior to joining Pathway, Ed was responsible for all aspects of product development at VMIX Media and led the product management team at Kintera (acquired by Blackbaud), named #1 in the 2005 San Diego Fast50 by Deloitte and Touche. At MedUnite, he developed insurance solutions for clients including LabCorp, Aetna and Cigna and at Medibuy he led efforts to provide e-commerce solutions for WebMD and Premier, Inc. Ed graduated from Duke University and earned a Master’s Degree in Health Systems Management from Rush University. Ed will be speaking at SDBN’s August 16th 2011 event presentation, the title and description follows.

Current and future applications of personal genomic testing

In recent years, we have seen some of the first practical applications of genetic testing come to market following the completion of the Human Genome project. Ed MacBean, VP, of Product Development for San Diego-based Pathway Genomics will discuss some of the current testing services available, including associated risks for health conditions, carrier status of recessive genetic diseases, response to medications. and how genetics affects personal nutrition and exercise. He will discuss some of the regulatory and reimbursement challenges for these types of services, and future opportunities in this exciting new field of biotechnology.


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