Chambers is an award-winning journalist-turned-PR-professional who began her career as a business reporter/editor covering the North County community for Today?s Local News, a former Copley Press publication later rolled into the San Diego Union-Tribune (now UT San Diego). She has worked locally for the San Diego Daily Transcript and San Diego Business Journal, where she reported on the Randy “Duke” Cunningham scandal, advances in biomedical research and development and scientific breakthroughs at San Diego’s research institutes.

In 2010, Chambers crossed over to the so-called ?dark side? (which she says isn?t so dark) to work in the public relations industry, still keeping tabs on the scientific community as an associate director of public relations and communications for the California Healthcare Institute (CHI), which advocates for the state?s biomedical community on issues such as redundant state facilities inspections, FDA drug and device user fees and basic research funding. In this role, she is responsible for CHI publications and communications, including social media, media relations and public affairs activities.

In her free time, Chambers enjoys running, learning to stand-up paddleboard and spending time with her boyfriend and three furry dog-children.


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