What Would Darwin Do?


If you’ve talked to me about my passion for science and biotech, I’ve likely told you about my desire to do an Ignite or Unconference for Biotech. These are different ways to ‘shake up’ events to discuss particular topics–spontaneity and thinking on your feet are the norm. For the most part, I’ve assumed scientists may not be ready for these types of events….however….

Yesterday I learned about CellSlam at the ASCB conference. You get three minutes, no AV, and a microphone to make your case for science from 7:15-8:15 p.m. on Monday in Ballroom 20B-C. That or make jokes about science, according to ASCB spokesperson John Fleischman. There are three bobble head Darwins for the Winner, the Other Winner, and Another Winner (a.k.a. first, second and third).

Only requirement is that you’re a conference attendee. I know some of you are coming here via Twitter–let’s show them what we’ve got! I’ll bring my flip cam and this could be your big break.

To sign up, see John Fleischman in Room 21 by 2 pm Monday. No fees. No rehearsals. I may bring my Mr. Microphone and do some a capella karaoke.

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