SDBN Channels: Contribute, Interact, Learn

One thing I’ve learned from starting businesses/groups, is that your grand plans don’t always happen right away, but that they are eventually realized. We started the ‘main’ SDBN group on LinkedIn in order to give members a place to interact and connect, but it has limitations. Here, on the SDBN blog, we can do whatever we want, and the site is built upon WordPress which is infinitely customizable–we can allow anyone to blog here, add forums, etc. The result? We can help to grow San Diego Biotech in new, exciting ways!

We polled you late last year to find out what you’re interested in hearing about in 2010. We’re continuing to provide events that meet these expectations, and we want the conversations to not be limited to the actual event. Towards this end, we’re developing ‘SDBN Channels’ which will focus on topics important for San Diego Biotech. We’ll feature local blogs and bloggers, and if you’ve never blogged before, we’ll provide some tutorials (there’s a Channel for that!) to get you started (sign up here). Each Channel can also be a place to highlight local companies and products (contact us to learn more>.

Our first two channels will be Drug Discovery and Drug Development. We’re kicking off the Drug Discovery Channel with blog posts from the Society for Biomolecular Sciences conference in Phoenix, they were nice enough to give us some free passes for blogging (a benefit for you to blog!). Our May events will center around Drug Development, so we’ll launch that channel soon. Check out the table below, and feel free to comment if you don’t see what you want!

Channel Launch
Drug Discovery April 2010
Drug Development May 2010
Biotechnology May 2010
Blogging 101 May 2010
Translational Research June 2010
Research Tools TBD
Careers TBD
Medical Devices TBD

What’s next? Forums for each channel. Live streamed and recorded events. Other ideas? Leave them below!