SDBN Volunteers Needed for Coastal Cleanup Day September 25th

California Coastal Cleanup

We all hear about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an ‘island’ estimated to be twice the size of Texas containing plastic and other waste. How can we help to prevent more trash from reaching our oceans? California Coastal Cleanup Day is September 25th, and we have a great opportunity to help clean up trash inland before the rainy season carries it to the ocean.

Coastal cleanups started in 1984 on the Oregon coast, and now includes California volunteers from all coastal counties, with 80,000 participating last year and 10,000 in San Diego county. This year, the SDBN has been asked to participate in the Ruffin Canyon area in Serra Mesa. Please join us 9-12 on September 25th, and for those who are interested, we’ll find a nice watering hole to have lunch at and network afterward. We’ll also take and share photos, and I’ll bring a memento for each of you who participate. Sign up on the website and also let me know you’ll be participating using SDBN’s volunteer form, or drop me a line if you have my email address.

To prepare for the event, be sure to wear long sleeves and pants, a hat and sunglasses, cover any exposed area with sunscreen, and bring a filled reusable water bottle (we will also have water on site). This year, event organizers are asking volunteers to bring reusable items to help minimize the use of disposable items. Please consider bringing buckets, garden gloves, and reusable bags. I’ll be sending more information before the event. Hope to see you there–as a group we can make a big difference!