SDBN BUZZ Podcast: Stanley Maloy – Teaching Entrepreneurship

Stanley Maloy is a life scientist and the Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation at San Diego State University. He has a passion for entrepreneurship.

We often think some people have a gift for being an entrepreneur – coming up with new ideas and bringing them to market. And unfortunately, a lot of would-be entrepreneurs fail. But entrepreneurship can be learned like any other skill.

In this epsiode, we discussed the I-Corps program of the NSF and how that is making an impact.

Stanley describes:

  • Who is eligible
  • What makes a good candidate
  • What learning entrepreneurship looks like
  • Why it’s important to include under-represented groups
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs other than a startup

Mentioned in this episode:

The Mom Test?

Business Model Canvas

Lean Startup

If you want to learn more:

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