SDBN BUZZ Podcast: Lou Cooperhouse – BlueNalu and Cellular Aquaculture

The worldwide demand for seafood is rising while the supply of fish is diminishing. BlueNalu is working to close that gap through cellular aquaculture – manufacturing fish meat in bioreactors.

It begins with a fish biopsy. Muscle, fat and connective tissue cells are separated out and grown in bioreactors. The three cell types are intended to be combined at the end to create fish meat that can be fried, grilled or prepared any way you like with no bones, no heads, and no tails to worry about.

Lou Cooperhouse, CEO of BlueNalu, explains the importance of this “third leg on the stool” in addition to wild caught and farm raised seafood along with benefits to our oceans and the seafood industry.

We discussed:

  • The market for manufactured seafood protein
  • The strategy for bringing this product to market and goals for price parity
  • The impact on the seafood supply chain
  • What makes the BlueNalu approach different from other clean meat alternatives

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