SABPA Science & Technology Forum IX: Emerging Trend in Drug Development: Companion Diagnostics

Companion diagnostics, which identifies and detects genetic, protein, or gene expression markers to predict whether a drug works or causes adverse effect in patients, has emerged as an exciting new field over the last few years. With the cost and hurdle for new drug approval getting increasingly higher, pharmaceutical companies begin to explore companion tests in order to develop safer and more effective drugs. The value of companion diagnostic tests has already been demonstrated by a number of marketed products, such as HercepTest for Herceptin and K-RAS mutation tests for Erbitux and Vectibix. Despite these proven successes and ever-increasing awareness of companion diagnostics, pharmaceutical companies still move slowly to adopt the new paradigm of co-developing companion tests along with the clinical trial of new drugs. The regulatory hurdles, physician and patient acceptance, insurance coverage, IP strategies, and other barriers remain unsettled for this young filed. At the SABPA Science & Technology forum IX, we invite opinion leaders representing pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies and other interest groups to share their insights on this rapidly growing field.

Date/Time Start:: March 19, 2011 (Saturday) 8:30am

Date/Time End:: March 19, 2011 (Saturday) 12:30pm

Cost to Attend: for online registration, for students and post-docs, onsite

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