SDEE Sustainability Event : Dec 02, 2020

San Diego Biotechnology Network
San Diego Biotechnology Network
SDEE Sustainability Event : Dec 02, 2020

The Future of Fish: Science and the Blue Economy

Earth’s oceans support an astounding amount of
biodiversity, so much so that we discover around 2,000
new oceanic species a year. Unsustainable commercial
fishing practices have decimated fish populations,
particularly larger species at the top of the food chain. So
how do we address and heal these environmental insults?

Join in as we discuss raising awareness for the critical
roles that a healthy ocean ecosystem plays. Alex
Murphy of Mammalz alongside Greg Murphy & Dr. Courtney Benson of BlueNalu will discuss solutions geared to reducing our reliance on traditional fishing practices using innovative alternatives that stimulate economic returns to justify the necessary revolution to impact our fiscal output and environmental prosperity.

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