SDBN BUZZ Podcast: Does the Gut Microbiome Affect the Response to Immuno-Therapy?

The bacteria in your gut play a big role in your health. And maybe more than you imagined. So much so that Stephanie Culler wants you to send her your poop. She is the CEO of Persephone Biome and she joined me to explain why.?It turns out, immune checkpoint inhibitors can work better or worse depending on the bacteria living in our intestines.

Coming up with an approved therapeutic or a companion diagnostic will require more data, hence the need for stool samples from citizen scientists.

I learned a lot in this episode:

  • How the microbiome is important in cancer therapy
  • Why she is grateful for the poop emoji
  • The challenge of getting people to donate and
  • How an inspiration from her fashion designer mother helped overcome that

Persephone Biome

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