SDBN BUZZ Podcast: Sheila Gujrathi – Establishing a Corporate Culture at Gossamer Bio

Sheila Gujrathi is the CEO of Gossamer Bio. She feels strongly about the importance of a thriving corporate culture to the success of an organization.In this interview, she explained to me the values that are the foundation of the Gossamer Bio culture and how they work to maintain that culture beginning with recruiting, executive modeling, and continuously evaluation through offsites and coaching.

I view it as a garden that you just have to cut, keep tending to, to make sure that it’s going to continue to evolve… You just have to have that care and attention to this garden and to make sure that, again, that it is thriving and vibrant and resilient. And you don’t have unwanted plants that come in.

They will turn away good candidates who are good technically but may not be a good fit culturally.She explains in detail what they look for in a candidate. Humility and an open mind are critical because the business of science is full of surprises.

Sheila started her career as a physician. She described her path to becoming a CEO, how that influenced her views on culture and what has been the biggest challenge since becoming a CEO.