SDBN BUZZ Podcast: A Brain Based Speaking Approach for Scientific Presentations

How do you avoid the terrible stereotype of the poor scientific speaker?

Scott Stiefvater calls himself the (anti) Presentation Coach. His approach is based on the fact that there are no neurons in the brain for giving a presentation – only for speaking and listening.

The purpose in any speaking situation is to deliver an idea from your mind into the mind of whomever is listening, whether that is one person or many.

Scott doesn’t teach techniques, which he says are based on “best guess imitation” of great speakers. It’s more important to be aware of your outward behavior (the unconscious signals you may be sending) and to be invested in seeing that your message is getting through. Turn your awareness and intent toward the listener.

In this episode, Scott gives tips on:

  • Developing trust from the audience
  • Speaking vs writing
  • Using your strengths

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