SDBN BUZZ Podcast: Founder Mentality – From Imposter Syndrome to Quiet Confidence

Self doubt and the expectations of others can be a heavy load to carry. Debbie Chen, Founder and CEO of Hydrostasis, managed to relieve herself of those burdens and finally discover what success means to her.

Debbie arrived from Taiwan at the age of six. She got a PhD (much later) because she wanted to make her parents proud. She never had her own definition of success until recently. Starting a company wasn’t on her list of things to do. She didn’t think she could for many reasons.

She has found her success and makes a point to give back so others can share it.

In this interview she describes:

  • Making the leap from scientist to CEO
  • What it means (and what to do) when you’re told, “You’re too early.”
  • How she developed patience and got comfortable with waiting
  • Why she recommends therapy for all startup founders
  • The one habit that helps her sleep better every night
  • Her best advice for entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups

Whether you are a founder, a woman, a minority or just busting your butt at work (Debbie is all of those) you will find something here you can use. This is one of my all time favorite interviews.