SDBN BUZZ Podcast: Using Zebrafish to Discover Host Directed Therapies

Infectious disease is getting a lot of attention right now because we are in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic. In this episode (recorded back in January),? Dr. Molly Matty helps us explore how Zebrafish, a model organism for development is being used to investigate host pathogen interactions, specifically with?Mycobacterium marinum.?

Other species of Mycobacterium cause tuberculosis or leprosy in humans, of course. Molly explains the benefits of the zebrafish model for potentially identifying host derived therapies for Mycobacterial diseases.

In particular, zebrafish:

  • Can be engineered with fluorescently labeled vasculature and macrophages
  • Readily absorb small molecules (like antibiotics)
  • Are transparent as larvae and embryos

All of which make them amenable to direct observation of pathogen interactions under a microscope.

Bonus: Molly explains how to inject a live zebrafish without a mask and snorkel.


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