SDBN August 18th Event: The Human Genome 10 Years Later: What Does it Mean for San Diego Biotech?

human genome 10th anniversary

June 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the sequencing of the human genome. As Francis Collins has pointed out, “we invariably overestimate the short-term impacts of new technologies and underestimate their longer-term effects.” As a member of the community for 14 years, I can tell you that this is true for San Diego, as the expectations in 2000 were likely too high, but the last ten years have brought unexpected progress in many areas.

San Diego has a great ecosystem to take advantage of these exciting longer-term benefits, ranging from our expertise in creating cutting edge research tools, to ground breaking drug discoveries, to new classes of diagnostics, to the exciting new field of synthetic genomics. Of course, Craig Venter has given us a big vote of confidence by relocating here. Let’s bring together experts in an interactive environment August 18th to discuss how we can take advantage of these exciting opportunities. Register here.


Michael Cooke, Ph.D., Director of Immunology Discovery, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Foundation (GNF) (Bio)
Kelly Frazer, Ph.D., Chief of the Division of Genome Information Sciences for the UCSD Department of Pediatrics (more info)
Tom Novak, Ph.D.,, SVP of Research, of Fate Therapeutics (Bio)
Aristides A. N. Patrinos, Ph.D., President, Synthetic Genomics (more info)
Emily Winn-Deen, Ph.D.,, Vice President, Diagnostics Development at Illumina (Bio)


Scott Markel, Principal Bioinformatics Architect, Accelrys, and Paul Flook, Senior Director, Life Sciences R&D, Accelrys

Here are some seed questions for the discussion, and as always feel free to submit your questions as comments below:

  • How will the direct to consumer genomics market impact our economy?
  • How is genomics being used in drug discovery, and what therapeutic areas have the most promise for San Diego?
  • Will the continuing affordability of sequencing affect the landscape of companies?
  • What are the best adaptations we can make to take better advantage of the opportunities?



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Event Details

Who: Biotechnology professionals in the greater San Diego area
What: San Diego Biotechnology August Event: The Human Genome 10 Years Later: What Does it Mean for San Diego Biotech?
When: Wednesday, August 18th, 5:30-9:00 p.m.
Where: Tango Del Rey, 3567 Del Rey Street, San Diego 92109 (Directions below)
Cost: $25/$20 Academic
For more information about the event:

Directions: From the North: South on Interstate 5, Exit Balboa Ave, Straight to 4th Traffic Light then left on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks. From the South: North on Interstate 5, Exit Grand/ Garnet Ave, Straight to 3rd Traffic Light then right on Bunker Hill St. Building directly ahead 3 blks. Park on the street or in the structure just past (south of) Tango del Rey. DO NOT park in the Science Center lot.