75% of San Diego Biotech Hub is in California’s 52nd Congressional District

Map of 400 San Diego Biotechnology organizations (red placemarks) and California’s 52nd Congressional District (grey). 300, or 75% of the organizations are in the 52nd district represented by Congressman Scott Peters.

We’ve been working to get as many representatives from local biotechs as possible at our September 22nd Networking Town Hall event with Congressman Scott Peters and were curious as to how many of our 400+ local life science organizations are in the 52nd district which he represents. This map uses data from our San Diego biotech directory as well as this map of the 52nd California congressional district. Not surprisingly, 300, or 75% of the biotech organizations are in district 52 represented by the grey shading. To determine whether an organization is in the district, use the menu at the top left to find and click on the organization. Use the zoom controls on the bottom right or your mouse if needed to adjust the view of the map. Basically, only the companies west of the 5 freeway and north of La Jolla Village Drive are excluded, as well as companies in the Carlsbad area.

San Diego county employs 50,000 people in the life science sector, and we can definitely make an impact in congressional elections to ensure continued support for funding for science. Even if your company isn’t in the 52nd district, you may live in the district and be able to vote to support scientific funding, or encourage others to do so. Join us on September 22nd for a Networking Town Hall with Congressman Scott Peters to learn how you can make a difference. We’ll open with remarks from Evan Snyder, professor and director of the Stem Cells and Regeneration program at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. You’ll also network with other local leaders and we’ll discuss ways we can work with Congressman Peters to continue to grow as a leading biotechnology hub.

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