Independent Rat Study Finds 54% Oral Insulin Relative Bioavailability Using Tamarisk’s MxBA(TM) Platform Technology

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San Diego Biotechnology Network
Independent Rat Study Finds 54% Oral Insulin Relative Bioavailability Using Tamarisk's MxBA(TM) Platform Technology

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ –?Tamarisk Technologies Group, LLC, a technology development company engaged in the development of innovative drug delivery technology, announced today remarkable oral insulin bioavailability results from a recent diabetic rat study conducted by Charles River Laboratories of Shrewsbury, MA. In the study, orally dosed insulin carried within Tamarisk’s novel MxBA??delivery platform resulted in an astounding relative bioavailability of *54% compared to the subcutaneous insulin administered controls. This study confirms GI sensitive biological molecules, among other more robust drugs, can be protected and delivered to the systemic circulation in therapeutic quantities utilizing Tamarisk’s novel MxBA??oral delivery platform.

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“The results of this study set a new paradigm in the oral delivery of proteins and peptides, such as insulin,” says?Dean Crowell, Executive Director of Tamarisk Technologies Group.? “As we always suspected, oral delivery of biological molecules requires a highly engineered delivery mechanism to overcome the many hurdles of GI absorption. Combining today’s results with those of previous studies, we have shown the highly engineered MxBA??oral delivery platform effectively increases the bioavailability of a growing list of payloads.”

“Dramatic results, like what we are seeing from independently conducted animal studies, including the one announced today, certainly validate the MxBA??oral delivery platform as a novel technology that will benefit millions of patients currently on injectable biologic therapies. The implications of this technology for healthcare are immense and will revolutionize the drug delivery market,” says?A.T. Snoots, Tamarisk’s Director of Operations.

Tamarisk’s leadership will be available at the 2016 BIO Conference in?San Francisco in early June to share firsthand some of our exciting news and discuss new partnering?opportunities.?

About Tamarisk Technologies Group LLC
Tamarisk Technologies Group is a scientific research and development company that has recently undergone significant organizational changes. At Tamarisk, we are engaged in the invention of all-natural therapeutic agents, drug delivery transport vehicles, “green chemistry” for production of innovative products and manufacturing processes, and the provision of high-value technologies that exceed the confines of traditional scientific philosophy.

* Excludes 2 study responders that?had time-point?plasma insulin levels that?exceeded detection limits.

Media Contact: A. T. Snoots, (for Tamarisk Technologies Group), 805-796-6084, Email

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