Social Media for Scientists Slidecast

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our event last week! It was a ‘first’ for many things and I’m proud to announce that with your help we pulled almost everything off. We didn’t get a full video of the event, but re-recorded the audio and posted it on Slideshare (also embedded above).
Thanks also to Proven Scientific for sponsoring, and to volunteers John Cox, Cathy Yarbrough, Richard Ludwig, Caron Golden, Julie Wright, Steve Ohrmund, and Luigi (Lou) Schioppi. William Gunn is truly a rock star and you’ll be hearing more from him with the SDBN in the future. As we mentioned, we’ve created a friendfeed room to help you start getting involved in social media, please join. In addition, we also ‘took to heart’ the fact that many of you are already on Facebook, so we created a new fan page, check it out! Let’s see what works best, that’s what it’s all about!
We don’t have our next event scheduled, but it will likely be mid July. Stay tuned and connected to the SDBN channel!