French BioBeach: San Diego-Marseille Biotech Conference

Testimonies of US Born Dreams Implemented in Provence

Join us for a 2 hour conference and cocktail reception on Wednesday June 24th at 6PM at the Salk Institute in La Jolla.

You will learn from some of the most promising French entrepreneurs testimonies, about the Provence region and its ability to create success stories.

? Alain Yvorra, Managing Director, Eurobiomed, Southern France Cluster
? Olivier Zelphati, Founder, OZ Bioscience
? Jean-Marc Ferrier, Founder, Graftys
? Jean-Jacques Foucherot, Vice-President, Canopus Bioscience
? Pierre Distinguin, Founder of “Home Sweet Home”, Provence Promotion
? John Evans, Legal and Tax advises, KPMG Marseille

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The FBB Team