What’s Next for San Diego Biotechnology? Poll Results

We polled SDBN members to find out what they want to hear about at our August 18th panel, and the results are in! We weren’t surprised that Green tech was #1, but did find it surprising that Translational Research/Medicine was so high on your list, and that Drug Development was 3rd, while Drug Discovery didn’t get any votes. Some of the responses you gave are below:

Companies You’d Like to Hear From*
Volcano Corp.
Synthetic Genomics
Assay Depot
Sapphire Energy
Topics You’d Like to Hear About
Mobile applications in health
Moving discoveries into the clinic: Bridging the gap between academics and industry.
In addition to hearing about the latest research being done here, I’m interested in hearing how the Obama administration is effecting the research nationally as well as locally.
What I’m most interested in hearing about is the outsourcing of jobs to China. It seems to be the subject on everyone’s mind but it is NEVER addressed.
Where is San Diego going to make its mark in drug discovery? Oral small molecules, injected biologics, antisense technology, liposomal drug delivery of siRNAs?

We are in the process of inviting panel members, if you have any other comments, or are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact us. SDBN events are one of the most cost effective ways to get exposure for your company.

*Note that it is hard to us to determine whether there was some ‘ballot stuffing’ going on, in other words, people voting on a company for personal interests. We will take these suggested companies as a guideline, but cannot promise that we’ll have panel members from the companies listed.

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  1. When will this industry move its focus away from drug development to mask symptoms and focus instead of the development of CURES! The weight is heavily on the drug treatment side rather than the cure….I know…cures don’t bring in recurring income like drug ‘treatments’ do. :(

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