The Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit Begins January 23rd: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

iStock_chalkboard FAQ2We’ve been working closely with UCSD Extension to provide customized life science training that SDBN members are seeking, see our recent press release and event. Our first offering begins January 23rd, the Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit, and in the spirit of keeping you informed and getting your feedback, we’ve provided the FAQ’s we’ve received about the Toolkit below. Be sure to contact UCSD Extension if you have any further questions. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Toolkit!

Q: Who should take the Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit?
A: The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in a life science discipline, and Ph.D. level participants are encouraged to participate as well. A basic knowledge of the principals of biotechnology research are required, and industry experience is not required.

Q: What skills will I learn that are specific to biotech and pharma?
A: See the detailed description by clicking here. The program will achieve the following two major objectives:

  1. Improve attendees’ knowledge and understanding of the Project Management Global Standards which are required for all professional project managers
  2. Through the description and analysis of biotechnology and pharmaceutical scenarios (from Discovery to Clinical Trials), provide attendees with knowledge, tools, and techniques pertaining to performance planning, implementation, and monitoring along with an understanding of the necessary Learning Organization Model.

Q: What qualifications does the instructor have?
A: Yves Theriault has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and 18 years experience in biotech/pharma project management. He holds a Certificate in Project Management from UCSD and is an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Q: Does the Toolkit give me credit for the UCSD Project Management Certificate?
A: Yes, those who complete the Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit can use the 4 continuing education credits (CEU’s) towards the UCSD Project Management Certificate.

Q: How is this Toolkit different from the UCSD Extension public courses?
A: The Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit is the only accredited, classroom taught (as opposed to online) course on the topic in the San Diego region. Students will get unique one-on-one interactions with the instructor, as well as networking opportunities with other project management professionals during class and informal gatherings.

Q: Why is UCSD Extension collaborating with the SDBN to provide customized courses?
A: The SDBN is the first organization which can assess the needs of San Diego life science professionals. As such, it represents a powerful tool for determining the specific needs of the region and meeting them to improve prospects for individuals as well as growth for companies. We conducted a survey of SDBN members in 2014 and found that project management was the biggest training need. We held an event in November 2014 and further found that local life science professionals wanted to learn more soft skills such as leadership and communication. We chose to implement the Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit in January 2015 to meet these needs, and will continue to elicit feedback and provide customized courses to the life science community.

Q: Is there a class project with this program?
A: There will be several group assignments but no major class project as the instructor prefers to spend more time on shorter, focused assignments.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking?
A: No, the class will be held at UCSD Extension University City Center, and it is both convenient to many local biotech companies, near the intersection of the 805 Freeway and Governor Drive, and free to park at.

Q: Where can I learn more about the Toolkit?
A: Learn more and register at and contact Locke Epsten by email or phone (858) 534-9150) with any questions.Registrations will be accepted until January 22nd.