How Connected Are You?


Many of you know I’m a big fan of Seth Godin, a real thought leader in social media. I’m reading a book of his called ‘Tribes,’ which talks about the need for people to come together with a common interest and towards a common goal (and I highly suggest the book). I realized that’s what we’re doing with the SDBN–utilizing the new tools available to create more communication among biotechnology professionals in the region. Seth suggests that one of the things that helps a Tribe to grow is to facilitate connections between members. We’re trying to create a feeling of community using the different venues, but we need your help! Please join, subscribe, and participate using the links below!


linkedinlogoLinkedIn is a great site for connecting professionally, if you want to know more in general check this video out, and if you want to see how to use it in science/biotech see our earlier SDBN Social Media presentation. The SDBN LinkedIn group is currently the best way to connect. To date we have nearly 1900 members, and it is growing fast! My ‘dream’ is that you’ll use the advanced search (choose SDBN members) feature to find and meet with colleagues who may have interests that match your needs, and that new endeavors will result. We also hope it will be a place where you can post news, discuss, and interact. Please join today and send the link to your friends! The more it grows, the more we all benefit.
Our Facebook page will give you updates and also some ‘just for fun’ news, contests and posts. Join and send the link to your friends, too!


To be connected, I think it’s important to know what’s going on with San Diego Biotech. For this, we have created ‘San Diego Biotech’ specific feeds for you, including news, jobs, and blog posts (which include events as well). Here are examples of the news, jobs, and blog feeds you’ll receive. We’ve set up email updates, RSS feeds (more info on RSS) and twitter accounts in many flavors, take your pick!

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Nothing connects people more than meeting face to face. Please attend our monthly events, they are very interactive and we always feature the hottest companies and topics. The next meeting is September 22nd, featuring Intellikine. Also, we encourage you to attend the other networking events in San Diego, check them out on our calendar or visit their websites which are listed on the right column. We also want to hear from you! Comment below, write a blog post, tell us who you are on twitter, etc. This is your group, tell us how it can connect you better and help you to meet your goals. We’ve toyed with the idea of putting forums or other ways for you to interact here on the site, suggestions welcome!