What Will San Diego Biotech Look Like in 2010?


The results are in! We polled you to see what you want with the San Diego Biotechnology Network in 2010. The full results from 68 respondents can be seen here, and here’s a short summary:

  1. Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Translational Research, Research Tools, Medical Devices were the top areas of interest. Although Stem Cells and Green/Clean Tech were not highly chosen, companies in these areas were suggested to be featured.
  2. Companies you’d like to hear from: Illumina, Celgene, Ambrx, CareFusion, Sapphire Energy, Fate Therapeutics, Life Technologies
  3. Charities you’re interested in: Disease areas, community outreach
  4. You think the mix of science/networking is good, with a slight bias towards more networking.

To get an overview of the feedback, check out the tag cloud of the essay answers–we think it gives a nice flavor of what you’re looking for and what to expect in 2010. We were encouraged by your feedback and willingness to participate and will start giving you more ways to get involved soon. Leave more feedback below, we can’t get enough of it!

We’re working on the 2010 schedule and finding volunteers, partners and sponsors, now is the time to contact us to get involved!

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