Plot Your Path at DIA 2019: Learn Skills That Will Help You Personally and Professionally

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If you?re following our Drug Information Association 2019 (DIA 2019) blog series, you know that we have outlined some great reasons for San Diego scientists and professionals to attend the local event in June. Many life science conferences offer great subject matter content, but not as much in the way of resources to further attendees? career growth. DIA 2019 is refreshingly different in this regard, with many opportunities to learn everything from the ?hard skills? of navigating US and international regulatory agencies to the ?soft skills? of developing great teams.

Below, we outline five different ways you can gain new skills that will help you advance your career at DIA 2019.

Predefined Tracks

As pointed out in our first DIA 2019 post, some San Diego life scientists may be stepping outside of their comfort zone in learning about drug development and may be overwhelmed by the DIA 2019 schedule. Thankfully, DIA 2019 has outlined 13 different tracks, so that you can set a course to become more knowledgeable about a certain area, even if you don?t know much about the topic at the outset:

  1. Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance
  2. Clinical Trials and Clinical Operations
  3. Data and Data Standards
  4. Medical Affairs and Scientific Communication
  5. Patient Engagement
  6. Preclinical Development and Early-Phase Clinical Research
  7. Project Management and Strategic Planning
  8. R&D Quality and Compliance
  9. Regulatory
  10. Regulatory CMC and Product Quality
  11. Statistics
  12. Value and Access
  13. Professional Development

Track #13, Professional Development, will be a very useful track, including a resume workshop, a session on career transitions, and networking tips, including a session on getting the most out of the meeting. If you?re still not sure, you can view the top 10 DIA 2018 sessions for free, to decide which sessions to attend.

Short Courses

For an additional cost, you can take a half or full day DIA 2019 short course before the conference. A broad range of offerings is provided, from learning how to work with domestic and international regulatory agencies, to data interpretation and visualization, to learning how to lead a team.

Continuing Education

DIA 2019 offers continuing education credit in several areas, including physician, nursing, project management, pharmacy and legal education. Additionally, DIA is accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

DIY Schedule

As with most conferences, you can search for keywords to find sessions of interest and build your schedule. DIA 2019 turns this up to 11 for planning a schedule that benefits you because they offer many insightful sessions AND they let you build your schedule easily through the DIA 2019 Sched app. You can simply search for your favorite topic on the agenda and add the items. Here are some example searches that you might find relevant:

You can even sign up for the Sched app before you register, build an impressive schedule, and email it to your boss so you can get approval quickly.

Easy Networking

Networking is always a win-win activity for conferences, as it helps attendees personally and professionally. DIA 2019 is structured to facilitate lots of networking, we spoke a bit about it in our previous posts and will cover it more in depth in our next post, stay tuned to the DIA 2019 blog series to learn more!