DIA 2019 Blends Networking and Learning with a Format for Everyone

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We?ve been covering the many ways San Diego life science researchers and professionals can grow from attending DIA 2019, and of course we?re overjoyed that there are so many great blended networking and learning opportunities at the event. DIA 2019 is organized to connect you with others at the event in different ways, representing different learning and interaction styles to help you find an environment with which you?re comfortable.

Content Hubs. 30 minute learning-networking hybrid sessions designed for smaller groups to connect face-to-face. Topics include career growth, value-based healthcare, data analysis, product launches, clinical trials and patient engagement, and more, see all Content Hubs here.

Engage and Exchange. Got a bit more time to dive into a topic, and to interact with others? Check out the Engage and Exchange sessions, which are 45-60 minute problem-solving activities you?ll participate in with a breakout group. Topics include communication and negotiation skills, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and more, see all Engage and Exchange sessions here.

Poster Sessions. As the standby for scientific conferences, you may find that poster sessions are where you feel comfortable interacting with other attendees. The posters are split into student (presented Monday June 24th) and professional (presented Tuesday June 25th and Wednesday June 26th) sessions. You can plan ahead by viewing poster abstracts here. There is no better way to learn about a topic, and to network with an expert in an area, than to meet them in front of their poster.

Exhibit Hall. You?ll find that the exhibit hall is one of the best places to network, with 450 companies that are eager to show you their latest products and services. Networking and business cards abound in the exhibit hall, and you should get cards printed now if you don?t already have them. See the full exhibitor list here where you can search, browse, and see company products and news, and you can favorite and print the list of exhibits you want to visit.

Dedicated Networking. DIA 2019 is serious about networking, check out this dedicated page that highlights the opportunities, including the dedicated networking space in the San Diego Convention Center?s Sails Pavilion, the DIA Community Zone. Community round tables will take place here, which are by design a great place to network and learn, with topics ranging from pharmacovigilance to clinical trials.

Targeted Networking. As we?ve covered before, DIA 2019 uses the Sched app so you can plan your schedule (get it?), and you can also see who?s speaking at each event. With the smaller formats mentioned above, it?s likely you?ll be able to meet several of the speakers, so you should plan ahead to attend sessions with that in mind. This networking is especially important for drug discovery, development, clinical and regulatory professionals on the US west coast, because we cannot easily meet with US east coast regulatory agencies due to our distance from them. DIA 2018 hosted 240 FDA representatives in Boston last year, and the attendance is expected to be comparable at DIA 2019.

These networking and learning opportunities should help you to convince your boss (or yourself!) to attend DIA 2019, if you still need more information, download this justification letter that you can customize and send to the decision maker. We attend a lot of life science conferences, and DIA 2019?s content and format are very advanced, and thus useful, compared to most, and we hope you can attend.