ACS San Diego: Emerging Company Showcase

Title: Emerging Company Showcase
Location: Pfizer Inc. Wave Cafe, Building CB4
Description: Emerging Company Showcase

Starting, Sustaining, and Succeeding in Today?s Economy

?The bull market has ended, and the biotech model we all came to know has ended with it.
There will be a Darwinian winnowing and only the fittest will survive.?

Starting Up Strong During a Tough Time: The Aragon Story
Dr. Richard Heyman, President and Head of Research and Development, Aragon Pharmaceuticals

Prospering in Today?s Economic Climate: The Amira Story
Dr. Peppi Prasit, Chief Scientific Officer, Amira Pharmaceuticals

One of the ?Most Successful US Startups 2008?: The Trius Story
Dr. Jeffrey Stein, President & Chief Executive Officer, Trius Therapeutics

PLACE: Pfizer Inc.
10646 Science Center Dr., San Diego, CA 92121
(Wave Caf?, Building CB4)
Free to members and friends

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