SDBN BUZZ Podcast: Paul Mola – DNA Sequencing via Molecular Electronics

Paul Mola is the Founder and CEO of Roswell Biotechnologies. They are working toward the goal of the $100 dollar genome via molecular electronics.? In a nutshell, they incorporate DNA polymerase into a circuit and measure the change in current within the circuit (through the polymerase!) as nucleotides move into the active site.

In this episode he describes the journey to get to the $100 genome goal with respect to chip technology and chemistry along with the possibilities for single cell sequencing on a larger scale.

Beyond that, we discuss what he calls the DNA economy. This includes everything from what might eventually be the $10 or $1 genome that will allow us to sequence everything to using DNA as a storage medium. I used to think that was a crazy idea, but once he explained the advantages to me, it made a lot of sense.

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