Harvard prof Omid Farokhzad heads west, setting up a new Bay Area biotech on a mission to start a revolution in pre-symptomatic disease detection

As a Harvard professor with close ties to MIT?s Bob Langer, Omid Farokhzad has enjoyed a high-profile role in the Boston/Cambridge biotech community, where he?s participated in launching a lineup of startups. And now Farokhzad ? whose accomplishments extend to his role as physician-scientist at Brigham and Women?s Hospital ? has put it all in his rear view mirror, journeying out to the Bay Area to launch a new biotech he vows can go on to play a revolutionary role in opening the door to the early detection of diseases.

And this time, he?s helming the venture as a first-time CEO.

The company is called Seer, which is taking its place in the bustling biotech hub that Genentech helped create in South San Francisco. The big idea: Shifting away from genomics, Seer?s team has been building a proteomics platform that will do some population-wide explorations, building a mountain of data that can be probed with machine learning tech in search of insights into diseases that can