Jonathan Lim isn’t ready to say much about his new startup, but he does have $42M for it

Jonathan Lim knows how to build biotechs for a sale. He auctioned off Ignyta ? where he was CEO ? to Roche last February for a tidy $1.7 billion, gaining a 74% premium on his stock. A few months before he also participated in the sale of Bonti to Allergan, which he had co-founded and helped manage as chairman of the board.

Now he?s on to a new startup, but don?t look for a lot of details about the plans he?s hatching now.

The company is Erasca (as in erase cancer), based in San Diego. Lim, the executive chairman, is tackling cancer again ? talking about potential cures, no less. And he has $42 million in A round money for the team of 12 to get started.

That?s about it, for now. In an interview, Lim declined to offer any details about