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2019’s second unicorn Gossamer raises $276M in upsized IPO offering, MGM’s Harpoon makes its Nasdaq debut with $75.6M bounty

Meet 2019?s newest biotech unicorn ? Gossamer Bio ??which is making its debut on Nasdaq Friday with an upsized $276 million offering.
The drug developer ? with a valuation of $1 billion, according to Renaissance Capital ? is run by former Receptos exec… […]

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Poseida pitches a $115M IPO on its claim that the science team has created a better BCMA CAR-T

Is there enough enthusiasm among biotech investors to push through a $115 million-plus IPO on the latest biotech staking out their claim with a new-and-improved BCMA CAR-T therapy?
Poseida Therapeutics is aiming to find that out in the very near future… […]