Shutdown thrusts Gossamer Bio onto a rarely used path for fixed-price IPO

From day 1 Gossamer has always been a biotech in a hurry. And they?re not about to let a little thing like a government shutdown stymy their plans for an IPO.

As the partial US government shutdown continues to paralyze the SEC, Gossamer Bio has elected to use a rare and riskier method to make the leap into Nasdaq. The biotech is foregoing the typically lengthy SEC review of their prospectus to greenlight the listing in favor of enabling their registration by locking in their IPO price 20 days before making a market debut.

According to the amended filing, it plans to offer?14.4 million shares priced at $16/share, which will allow the company to raise roughly $230 million in gross proceeds. Meanwhile, existing stockholders have indicated their interest in purchasing about $100 million in shares in the offering at the IPO price of $1

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