Social Media for Scientists: Video Resources for Life Science Researchers

At the recent Social Media for Scientists Event, we talked about the fact that the trends you are seeing in ‘everyday life’ such as increased utilization of the internet to communicate, are also finding their way into scientific research. This is also true for the ‘YouTube’ revolution–there are an increasing number of video sites and resources for scientists. They range from visualized experiments, to reviews of current research and events, to wacky and fun ‘kitchen science’ such as the nerdiest ways to slice butter.

The resources range from dedicated sites and communities to simple YouTube playlists (see also this resource which lists independent resources with an emphasis on medicine). UCSD/SDSC’s Phil Bourne has started SciVee, which is a website dedicated to “changing the pace at which science is conducted and communicated.” You can participate by joining the independent sites and/or creating an account in YouTube and subscribing to the channels. Also, as with all social media, you’ll get the most out of it by participating directly. You can create your own playlists or even create your own videos–small video cameras are inexpensive and take great videos. Also, we’d LOVE to see your videos of local events, and we’ll feature them here and on YouTube. As always, we welcome your comments/additions!

Channel/Resource Type Description
SciVee Independent Enables researchers to combine video with documentation and data in a media rich format, we enable scientists to make their research more visible, shareable, and accessible throughout the research cycle.
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) Independent A peer reviewed, PubMed indexed journal devoted to the publication of biological research in a video format.
Nature Video Channel YouTube The latest innovations and ideas in all areas of science and technology.
DnaTube Independent A scientific site providing video based studies, lecturers and seminars.
National Center for Science Education YouTube Channel The NCSE is a nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and "scientific creationism" out.
Hydrocorax YouTube Channel Time-lapse nature paintings.
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) YouTube Channel Interviews relevant to stem cell research and regenerative medicine.
Stacystube YouTube Channel A product of–original videos and playlists
Integrative Biology 131 YouTube Playlist Integrative Biology 131: General Human Anatomy. Fall 2005. Professor Marian Diamond. The functional anatomy of the human body as revealed by gross and microscopic examination.
MIT 7.012 YouTube Playlist Introduction to Biology, Fall 2004. The MIT Biology Department core courses, 7.012, 7.013, and 7.014, all cover the same core material, which includes the fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology.
Bill Nye the Science Guy 1/2 YouTube Playlist Comedian/scientist Bill Nye stars as the genial host of this popular, fast-moving show designed to get kids interested in the science of everyday, and some not-so-everyday, things.
Science Experiments YouTube Playlist Simple science experiments.
Joannelovesscience YouTube Channel Joanne reviews some of her favorite science books and discusses stem cells for the layman.
Cell Press Video YouTube Channel Showcases some of the important findings published in Cell Press journals, covering the full spectrum of biology.
Periodic Table of Videos YouTube Channel This channel has a video about each element on the periodic table from the University of Nottingham.
Nottingham Science YouTube Channel See behind-the-scenes footage and other material from scientists working across a range of interesting subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology and engineering
Cell Medicine YouTube Channel Original stem cell videos describing current research.
NewScientist YouTube Channel International team of expert journalists brings you the latest innovations and ideas in science and technology, from the wonderful to the worrying to the weird.
Potholer54 YouTube Channel This channel is dedicated to explaining science in a way that most intelligent people can understand.
ScienCentral YouTube Channel From broadcast news features to educational products, we cover the medical, environmental, and technological issues that affect daily life.
Wired Science YouTube Playlist Each week, the Wired Science Video Podcast reports on the latest in green tech, health, science, bioethics and space exploration
Compare Networks/BioCompare YouTube Channel Funny videos from Life Science companies–mostly commercials, but very entertaining.
World Lecture Project Independent A video library with links to audio and video lectures of each faculty and from all over the world; and with a search engine that helps you find the lecture of your choice.

Special thanks to the folks at the friendfeed Life Scientists group for helping me compile this list, especially @BoraZ. Here is the original post, it illustrates the power of friendfeed!


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