Happy 2nd Birthday SDBN! How Should We Celebrate?

San Diego Biotech Network 2nd Birthday

It’s hard to believe it, but two years ago in November of 2008, we had our first SDBN event featuring Sapphire Energy at Rock Bottom in La Jolla. We soon outgrew that venue and have found a nice home at Tango del Rey, a one-of-a-kind location in PB which we feel is amenable to networking. To facilitate interaction, we’ve also tried to keep the cost of the events as low as possible, and to have interesting events which draw a nice crowd.

We started the SDBN to foster communication between biotech professionals and companies locally, and it is here to serve your needs in this area. We are very grateful to all of the wonderful people who have participated in these two years, let’s celebrate by hosting an event for you in early December. We polled you in late 2009 to learn about what you wanted in 2010, and perhaps this is a good time to get your pulse on what you want and need from the SDBN. Let’s ‘crowdsource’ our this event by voting and getting ideas from you. To get you started, here are some ideas we’ve kicked around for the event:

  • Social Media Panel or Presentation
  • Virtual Biotech Company Panel
  • Ultra Quick Pitch, Open to All (5-10 minute presentations, consultants, co.’s, etc.)
  • A Party, Plain and Simple
  • Insert Your Idea Here

Here’s how to cast your vote. I’ve listed the choices as comments below, vote for your favorite (click on the thumb below your choice). Have a new idea? Leave a comment below with your idea, and it will be ‘in the running’ as people will be able to vote on it too. Let’s use the honor system, and realize that if we get a lot of requests for a company to sponsor, that the company will need to defray some of the costs of the event.

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