San Diego Biotechnology: What’s in a name?

While I was putting together the directory of San Diego Biotechnology companies here on the site, the distribution of names that started with particular letters struck me. Being a scientist (long ago…), I decided to graph this phenomenon, counting the number of companies that begin with each letter. As you can see, the clear winner is the letter “A”. What is the reason for this, is there some sort of attachment to this letter due to the old days when “AAA Plumbing” would be listed first in the yellow pages? Or is there some subliminal idea that a company that begins with the letter “A” will be first in the field? Following “A” are “S”, “C”, and “I”. Are these trends specific to Biotech, or do they happen in other fields as well? “C” may be popular because of California or Chemistry, “I” because of the plays on latin In vitro, etc. Hard to say otherwise. When thinking of a name for a new Biotech company, however, you may want to set yourself away from the crowd and choose a letter such as J, U, W, X, or Y. You can stay abreast of the new Biotech companies in San Diego by signing up for updates and attending our events…and you can impress everyone with your knowledge of how new companies fit into this trend. Will we see new trends such as an increase in “N” for nanotechnology? Will there be other trends for the Clean Tech/Green Tech fields? Stay tuned!

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